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The Science Behind NXUltra


Low or no desire? Inability to perform like you used to? Missing those powerful orgasms? The culprit could be not enough Nitric Oxide in your system. Most people are missing enough of this essential "Sex Molecule", and that is causing sex life disaster. Nitric Oxide is one of the most amazing discoveries in the last 20 years. It improves your cardiovascular health by dilating the blood vessels and can turbo charge your sex life. It is the science behind NXultra and NXUltra.
NXUltra is scientifically formulated to free up testosterone in both men and women. It contains a unique balance of herbal extracts that when taken together boosts testosterone naturally.


Nitric Oxide causes vasodilatation and increase in blood flow resulting in genital erection in men and increase clitoral flow in women. What most people do not realize is that as they age, an enzyme called PDE5 builds up in the body and stops the beneficial action of nitric oxide. The erectile process ends within seconds of its release causing the loss of the erection. Pharmaceutical products or the natural herbal alternative products, NXultra and NXUltra, help clear the enzyme allowing the erection and sexual excitement to continue for both men and women.

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